Foreign Nations

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The national flags they come mass-produced on fabric 100% polyester stamina, according to the quality standards that have distinguished us for years, making our flags in great demand also outside.

The national coats of arms comply with institutional guidelines , we update our archives following any variation, promptly modifying our printing systems.

The stamina of polyester 100% is a fabric with military specifications that allows excellent color rendering and guarantees high resistance to atmospheric agents, although we cannot give the exact guarantee of duration, as this depends on various factors including exposure and the place of installation.

We can make the flags of nations also in nautical polyester , the most common material that lends itself to any use, especially suitable for digital printing.

We also realize institutional national flags in fine interior fabrics, like silk, twill and polyester satin, for display during public ceremonies and conferences.

Indoor flags of nations are also perfect for installation in conference centers, hotels and offices, as they are items of considerable elegance with special finishes such as the fringe golden on three sides and the satin ribbons for posting.

Our flags in the luxury version they are also double-sided , therefore visible on both sides, some of them have details embroidered , such as the flag of the Community European . They are used for the representation of nations in the rooms of the Parliament European and of all national and international institutional bodies.

We also have national flags in fabric available in stock and ready for delivery ponge ‘ economical, a lightweight material suitable for public events and events, as well as for simple fans and collectors of flags of the world .