Tischflaggen "Adria Bandiere" which manufactures and assembles all of its products at its headquarters, offers a wide range of articles: federal flags – personalized and for public events; sashes and belts worn by politicians; pennants and banners for governmental offices; publicity posters and banners; as well as stands, poles, and accessories which accompany the flags. Embroidered products are done by hand as well as done by machines. Also within the headquarters is a silk-screening studio. Weaving the traditional screen printing process with modern digital technology (also known as the CMYK color model), Adria Bandiere's graphic studio is able to meet the needs of clients by adeptly realizing projects of any type and demand. Similar to the in-house studio, the administrative office works collaboratively with all clients. Experienced personnel forms ad hoc committees to discuss how to best meet clients' needs and requests in order to ensure long-lasting, resistant and economically-efficient products are provided.