Self-supporting structures

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The self-standing structures category includes several promotional items.

Ideal for events, conventions, fairs and even temporary exhibitions, roll-ups are light and easy to carry exhibitors, thanks to the practical black nylon bag inside which there is all the aluminum structure already assembled. Made of heavy polyester fabric, with standard size (cm) 80×200, roll-ups are printed with an all-over digital print for the entire printable field and are hot cut on the outside.

In addition to the roll-ups we can also find telescopic aluminum flagpoles complete with rotating arm and PVC base filled with water. Available in two sizes mt. 5,50 and mt. 7 the flagpoles are supplied with a bag for the transport of the whole material and with the flag, depending on the height of the flagpole. The flag is made of knitted or woven polyester, with a passing printing on the back of 99% and packaged with sheath and eyelets sail both above and below.

Within this large category we find, last but not least, the exhibition kit complete with aluminum pole from mt. 3 and a fixed arm of 75 cm. The flag, made of knitted polyester 220×75 cm is packaged ad hoc for this structure, with buttonhole at the top and at the side.