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The most important promotional item for Adria Bandiere are pennants. Its value is inestimable and its use is multiple with different meanings: mainly used as a symbol of gift for a club evening or for an award ceremony, the pennants are made of rigid satin fabric or viscose moella with the possibility of creating a digital or screen printing only single-sided or double-sided and alternatively also embroidered.

The pennants are packaged with an horizontal crossbar that has brass side knobs, the lanyard for affixing, the golden fringe on the open sides and are finely enclosed by a transparent shaped envelope in transparent crystal, to protect the pennant from any kind of wear and tear or sudden ruin.

Sizes for pennants:
• Different shapes: rectangular, pentagonal, triangular
• Available sizes: (cm) 11×25,16×25, 20×30, 25×36
• Single-sided or double-sided printing

Additional services for pennants:
• Each pennant is closed in its transparent envelope with a label branded Adria Bandiere, a sign of recognition of the product 100% Made in Italy.