Nautical embroidered linen

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Adria Bandiere has developed, troughout its production process, a line of linen dedicated to the nautical sector. It is a specific line of sponges, honeycomb, cotton sheets, blankets, quilts, pile and tablecloths, all personalized with specific machine embroideries in nautical marine style, with anchors, rudders, starfish and sea knots, all with copyright of our property. The sizes are standard, for single or king size beds, or regular tables, but suitable for customized measures or made on request so their use is both for home and boat.

The raw materials are all of top quality and Italian production 100%, from cotton, to wool and sponges. The embroideries, with marine design, can be personalized or enriched with the name of the boat or of the person, for a particular gift, to welcome guests or identify the own linen on board.

The tablecloths are made of great Italian cotton, woven in a patterned way with chekers, stripes or tartan, tone on tone and customized with an embroidery at the center of the table point, with coordinate perimeter flounce. All tablecloths are complete with cotton square napkins.

The towels are both of sponge and honeycomb for all of types like beach towels, hooded or kimono robes also with specific nautical marine embroidery. The cotton sheets include complete bed set, both for single or double bed, or duvet covers, all with bottom sheet with pre-formed corner with elastic, embroidered both on the pillowcases and on the central flap of the sheet.

The blankets both in very warm boiled wool and in very light fleece, as well as the double side quilt bedspreads, in single and double version, are large and enveloping sizes, also excellent for cuddling in front of the sunrise.