Signalling nautical flags

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The excellent quality of materials used allows us to make nautical and rectangular flags, for boats of all nationalities.

We also have various sizes of courtesy flags, with coats of arms constantly updated. We produce international code flag set in woven polyester as well as economic fabric, complete with all signals (letters, numbers, and repeaters), we have bags ready for delivery with printed legend for smaller sizes, but we can also realize on request larger ones.

We also have the possibility to provide letters or melted signals, according to your needs, even for the replacement of only some of them.

Among the flags of nautical signaling, we also have the flag Scuba Diving, which signals the presence of divers in immersion and all the flags from regatta, in addition to the one-color beach mandatory on our territory; their resistance over time is guaranteed, as they are made of extra-resistant 100% woven polyester material.

To ensure long life, each flag is packaged with double perimeter hem and on request the reinforcement of the opposite corner. The rope used is made of polypropylene, a high tenacity material, so our flags are particularly required in nautical sector, both in Italy and abroad.