Nautical fantasy flags

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Among the funniest flags we find a subcategory dedicated to those of fantasy for boating. Entirely designed and manufactured by Adria Bandiere, they are made of the most durable technical fabric for outdoor use, the 100% woven polyester, and finely packaged with double perimeter hem and sheath for affixing.

It is a group of 21 flags, all with an intrinsic ironic and playful meaning. They have been designed to make more fun and carefree moments on the boat and to make unique days with friends or those more alone.

Are you sailing with your mother-in-law? So why not put up the flag “Danger: mother-in-law on board“, you will surely drive away all those who would have liked to stop with you to have a chat. Or if you are having a party and you want to let everyone know, well then you can also display the flag “Dance on board“, this way you will surely have many people who want to party with you!

Of all these fancy flags we also remember: Seahorse, Heart available, Young married on board, Marlin Blue, Wife on board, No wife on board, Do not disturbe, Guest n board, Pirate (white and black background), Private property, Coffee drinking, Drinking champagne, Drinking cocktails, Drinking wine, Drinking beer, Playing cards, Shark, Tuna.