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Adria Bandiere produces within its own structure, a wide range of unique pieces, I gonfalons municipal, the banners for associations or parishes, the drapes of marching bands, i medals , etc. These items are made as unique pieces, based on the customer’s specific design, customizing the size, from the smallest printed for parades to the largest for municipal halls, the shape, from rectangular to dovetail, with rectangular or rounded tails, colors, and packaging, simpler without particular finishing or extremely rich and detailed. These are articles extremely accurate and refined in their realization , which remain throughout the history of the people.

The banners are machine embroidered , on fabric of pure silk , or up moella of silk blend , or on color dyed polyester twill fabric , but they can also be entirely printed on polyester satin , such as lighter ones for parades. Some special graphics require a more complex process, performed with a mix of printing and embroidery , with high definition details and details, including nuances. The packaging with trimmings and agromaniacs, in gold or silver of various thicknesses and designs, such as the same fringes in trippolone and cannutiglia is accurate and detailed to embellish the banner.

The banners are generally made with a neutral back, and delivered complete with a brass crossbar with polished brass end knobs, and a cord with the final tassels, coordinated with the color of the finishes.