Austria region

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The regional flags of Adria Bandiere also include the regions of European countries, for example Austria, and we have different regions and each of them has its own flag, symbol of identity and origin. Specifically, the Austrian regions made by Adria Bandiere are 11: the Burgenland, the Hard, the Kärnten with and without coat of arms, the Nieder-Oesterreich, the Ober-Oesterreich, the Salzburg, the Steiermark, the Wien and Tirol, mainly in the two main sizes the 20×30 and 30×45 cm., but they can be produced in all sizes. The flags are sewn or printed with at the center the coat of arms in color, all made with double perimeter hem, sheath and rope. The flags of the individual regions of Austria are made of extra resistant woven polyester fabric for outdoor use.