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In this section you can find all the complementary accessories to display any type of flag, both indoors and outdoors, in institutional, commercial, sporting and promotional contexts. We produce structures suitable for every situation, with permanent installation and therefore suitable to last and resistant to atmospheric agents over time or for a temporary event that in any case requires a particular exposure.

We produce and sell office or outdoor poles, masts, pole holder bases, pole holder wall attachment, roll-up, displays, transportable telescopic poles, poles and bases for sail and drop flags, for table flags and many other structures in aluminum, wood, chromed steel, galvanized steel, golden brass, chromed brass and fiberglass.

We regularly produce masts for outdoor in standard sizes from 5 mt. to 12 mt., in aluminum or fiberglass, each one with different aesthetic finishes and technical characteristics, furthermore on request we produce flagpoles made of stainless steel or in hot galvanized iron also with ad hoc paints and no-standard sizes.

The aluminum masts are telescopic, tapered made up of several cylindrical sections, with a silver anodized finish, the diameters vary from model to model based on the total height of it.

The fiberglass masts are conical in shape with a single rod structure without joints, external glossy white finish, powder-coated, on request we also produce finishes in a specific RAL color.

The masts are produced in 3 different models each used to display the different flag:

– Classic mast with external rope;

– Mast with internal rope;

– Mast with rotating arm;