The colors
of your world
"Adria Bandiere" is a small company founded in 1973 by the current managing family, with the aim of realize his own dream: FLAGS.

Flags, realized in different styles, features and colours carry different significances. Can be used to deliver messages as well as evoking images of other places, near or far, real or imaginary.

After more than 40 years in the business, today Adria Bandiere is undoubtedly the leading flag manufacturer in Europe. Year after year, Adria Bandiere continues to grow within the sector while strengthening its production quality. Tailored to all request and demands, the flags of Adria Bandiere are created for different professional fields: from that of the nautical to the one of touristic, from the world of marketing to the political arena, exporting its own products worldwide.

The great investment of its team-oriented staff and the constant research of products and materials from further markets, allows the company to deal with markets’ competition and with the presence of new competitors, strengthening continually its range. adriabandiere documental area
14 January 2019

Promotional Trade Exhibition – Milan 23-25 January 2019

Last fair of this month: PTE in Milan from 23 to 25 Of January 2019, a fair related to promotion and techniques of digital printing. You […]
7 January 2019

Sigep – Rimini 19-23 January 2019

Second fair of 2019: SIGEP from 19 to 23 of January 2019, an exhibition related to ice-cream, coffe, pastry and other products. We wait for you […]
17 December 2018

Christmas Closing

We inform everybody that our offices will be closed from December 22 to January 6 included. We will be back on monday 7 2019.